ReGreenMix technology is the most cost-effective and environment friendly method for industrial composting.

Continuous (24/7) ReGreenMix modular composter has been developed for composting industrial and municipal sewage sludge and other organic waste.






Cost effective

Continuous ReGreenMix modular composter is a closed reactor composter that automatically maintains optimal conditions for biodegrading organisms, allowing them to biodegrade at maximum efficiency. Only about 10% of fresh bulking agent of the amount of waste fed to the process is needed. The amount of waste is reduced by 70-80% in the process, which reduces handling and transportation costs. ReGreenMix is automatic, remotely controlled and operates unmanned.


Environment friendly

ReGreenMix modular composter is a closed reactor composter, it does not cause odour, dust, or runoff water impacts. The amount of fresh bulking agent needed is only about 10% of the amount of the waste processed. The amount of waste in the process is reduced by up to 70-80%. The compost product is hygienic to handle. ReGreenMix can be located at the source of the waste. The mass reduction and location at the source can reduce the need for transport, handling and environmental impacts. ReGreenMix is automatic, remotely controlled and operates unmanned. Operational safety is guaranteed by the fact that access to the ReGreenMix reactor is only necessary during inspection and maintenance.


Scalable and flexible

ReGreenMix facility is scalable and flexible. The capacity of the plant can be increased or decreased by the number of ReGreenMix modular composters in use. Its structure is modular and, if necessary, the modular composter can be dismantled, moved and reassembled in a new location. ReGreenMix does not need fixed foundations.