ReGreenMix Solution

Continuous ReGreenMix modular composter consists of prefabricated modules in which process and automation technology are integrated and installed. At the location, the modules are assembled to form a fully functional entity.

The capacity of the ReGreenMix plant can be increased and decreased by the number of modular composters in use according to the customer's capacity needs.

ReGreenMix modular composter’s modular structure

ReGreenMix modular composter consists of 10 prefabricated sub-modules with. The feed and turn end modules consist of two 25-foot container-size submodules on top each other with roof structures. The lower part of the reactor basin module consists of two 40-foot container-size submodules as well as the upper part with its roof structures. The biofilter consists of two 20-foot container-size submodules. Process and automation technology is integrated and installed in the submodules. A separate storage tank for ammonium sulphate is included.

Scrubbing and filtration of process gases.

The process gas is blown through a scrubber where sulfuric acid washes the ammonia from the process gas. The process gas then passes through the biofilter. Acid washing produces ammonium sulphate, which is pumped into an ammonium sulphate storage tank. The biofilter removes the remaining odour-causing compounds in the scrubbed process gas.

ICON - High Capacity
High Capacity
ICON - Modular
scalable design
ICON - Low Operating cost
Low operating cost and
environmental impact
ICON - High Quality Components
High quality
components throughout
ICON - Process SAfety

ReGreenMix modular composter is delivered on a turnkey basis.

The prefabricated modules, in which the process technology is integrated, are connected, and assembled into a working entity on location site. Fixed foundations are not required, allowing for simpler and uncomplicated construction. Plant capacity can be increased or decreased by increasing or decreasing the number of ReGreenMix modular composters.
Our delivery includes a ReGreenMix modular composter assembled on customer-built foundations, operation and maintenance documentation, and operation and maintenance training. We provide the customer with guidelines for the design and construction of the foundations. The customer is responsible for the necessary electricity, water, and other connections.