Turning Waste
into Profits

Where it all started

ReGreenMix technology was developed by Research Professor Jaakko Paatero and Environment Counsellor Markku Lehtokari in the late 1980s.

The pilot plant for this composting technology was set up at the old ladfill of Kaarina, Finland. Based on the good results, the first industrial-scale stationary plant was built at Isosuo landfill in Raiso, Finland. After that, various waste sludges, industrial sludges, bio-wastes and their mixtures have been composted in Isosuo.

Positioned for growth

Founded in 2016, ReGreenMix Ltd is well positioned to shape the future of industrial composting. As a member of Business Finland* Innovation Program, the company is one of the most promising newly established growth companies in Finland.

*’Business Finland’ is The Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation.