The ReGreenMix process is continuous (24/7).

ReGreenMix process uses only about 10% of fresh bulking agent relative to the amount of waste processed. The amount of waste in the process is reduced by up to 70-80% and only 20 – 30 % reain as the end-product, compost. ReGreenMix modular composter is based on the RegReenMIx process and is a continuous reactor composter that is automatic, remotely controlled and operates unmanned. In its reactor optimal conditions for biodegradable organisms are automatically maintained. Its capacity is up to 3,500 tons (DS 20%) per year. Industrial capacity depends on the properties of the waste to be processed.

ReGreenMix process flow overview

Flow step 1:
Waste Input
Waste feed is continuous. Waste and bulking agent are fed from the feed system in portions into the composting reactor. At the same time, the finished compost is discharged from the end of the reactor basin.
Flow step 2:
Feed into the reactor basin
The feed into the reactor basin is with an optimal solid content for composting.
Flow step 3:
Mixing and aeration of the composted mass
The mixing device automatically moves in the reactor basin, mixing the mass along the entire length and width of the basin. At the same time, the mass is aerated. The temperature of the mass is measured automatically.
Flow step 4:
Composting is continuous. The temperature of the composted mass rises, the water evaporates and process gases are generated. The resulting process gas is passed to a scrubber and then to a biofilter. Ammonia is removed as ammonium sulphate.
Flow step 5:
Continuous flow - operation
When new waste and bulking agent is fed into the reactor basin, the composted mass automatically moves towards the end of the basin, where the finished compost is moved ahead.
Flow step 6:
Finished compost
The finished compost is transferred from the end of the reactor basin to the feed end and the finished compost product is discharged.